January 09, 2015

The World Federation of Trade Unions for the murderous recent attacks in France

After the murderous attack at the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris – France, the WFTU Secretariat issued the following statement.
“We express our condolences to the victims’ families and wishes for quick and full recovery for the injured.
This ferocious crime and the murder of so many people should help us all to consider some current realities:

1. That the religious fanaticisms, the technical divisions, the racist and neo-fascist phenomena create hate and impede the unity of workers.

2. The workers in France, the workers throughout Europe must be wondering who created the so-called ‘jihadists’. Who funded them? Who trained them? Who took full use of them in Syria, in Iraq, in Lebanon and elsewhere?

3. The imperialists, the European Union, the United States, the NATO, in their geostrategic plans for the control of energy, for new frontiers and new markets, create artificial divisions, sowing among people hate and cultivate religious fanaticisms.

Our brothers, French workers, workers in every corner of the world,
The best way to express our conviction of the crime against “Charlie Hebdo” is not to allow ourselves to be divided by religious, racial, color, language etc. differences. Not to allow the physical and moral guilty of the crime to be hidden behind religious divisions.
The workers are all brothers. We belong to the same class, the working class.
Together united to fight against imperialism and against capitalist barbarism.
Workers around the world either are Muslim or Christian or Buddhist or Copts either are believers or not, WE ARE CLASS BROTHERS.


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