Friday January 7th 2005

Why Парвус клуб (Parvus club)? First of all, because we are a parvus club - that means, a small club. Second, because of Israel Lazarevich Elfand - the brillant revolutionary, called "Parvus", who, among others, had been the first to introduce the concept of the permanent revolution.
This is the breakthrough character of our name: we are not supporters of the theories of Mr Elfand (Parvus), we do not even consider him as a genious; on the contrary, we believe that, in many aspects, our famous merchant of the revolution had not been trustworthy enough for the cause... Notice however that we don’t believe either in "neutral" totemic, activist-attracting names  (’workers’ solidarity’ and the likes), or in names refering to a normative model; definitively, we prefer to remember the late Mr Parvus along with all his errors as well as with all his predictions and contributions to the revolutionary movement theory, than to get lost in searching around for novel patterns of revolutionary behaviour.
This is the challenge, dear reader: not to be affiliated with names, not to wear the hat of a "good sense" common name, not to be enchanted by anything other than ideological arguments and high-level debate!

Friday September 9th 2011

Meanwhile, the initial project has changed focus; much water has flowed beneath the bridges of Seine ever since. This blog has been created on June 5th, 2005, to follow more closely the Greek affairs and public debate in the blogosphere. Its endeavour is now being supported by some changes in design and, most probably, writing style, as Greek issues are turning out to be getting the highest international importance.