January 12, 2009

Urgent call to Greek people: Block the shipment of US arms to Israel through Greek port!

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine calls upon the Greek movement, the Greek people and all international progressive forces to halt the planned shipment of U.S. arms to Israel from the Greek port of Astakos.

International media reports have revealed that the U.S. Navy is attempting to ship 325 20-foot containers of ammunition, over 3000 tons, in an emergency shipment of arms to aid the occupation in its ongoing war crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The PFLP is calling upon the people of the world, and particularly the Greek movement to act to stop this shipment of arms. The U.S. has been attempting to hire a merchant ship to transport the weaponry to the Israelis at Asdud port in mid- to late January.

This weaponry must not be allowed to enter the hands of the Israelis, where it will be used to massacre our people in Gaza! It must be stopped by all means! These bombs are going to be used in Israel's wars - against Palestinians, Lebanese, Arabs, Iranians, and the people of the region.

This emergency shipment indicates that the occupier is demanding ever more weaponry in its futile war of massacres against the Palestinian people and the Palestinian resistance.The demand of the Palestinian people, the Arab people, and all progressive forces - including the progressive forces in the U.S. - is the international isolation and the end of all U.S. aid to Israel. The U.S. government, however is Israel's strategic partner, and is committed to partnering with Israel in its massacres and crimes against our people. If they will not stop the arms shipment, the people of Greece and the people of the world must stop it for them!

The PFLP salutes the Greek people - your unconditional solidarity and your mass demonstrations in support of the Palestinian people have sent a strong and powerful message of support, combined with aid, volunteers, and action on the ground. Your own courageous struggles for justice have inspired us and people around the world. We are calling upon:
1. All Greek companies and all shipping companies to refuse to carry any shipment of arms to Israel. Any shipping company who carries these weapons has the blood of the people of Gaza on its hands!
2. Greek workers and all port workers to refuse to load the cargo for any shipment of arms to Israel. The strong hands of Greek workers and Greek labor should not be sullied with this dangerous cargo!
3. The Greek government to prohibit the use of its port to ship arms to the occupation state massacring our people!
4. The Greek people, the Greek movement, and all international and progressive forces to take action to stop any such shipment from loading or leaving the port of Astakos!The PFLP is calling for your continuing unconditional solidarity and support to prevent the U.S. and Israel from using the land and ports of the Greek people a supply base for occupation, massacres, and crimes.
The Greek people have a proud history and present of struggle. The relationship between the Arab people and the Greek people is strong and powerful and we call upon you today to march with us once again toward victory and justice for the Palestinian people and block this arms shipment!

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
January 10, 2009

Η ανακοίνωση από εδώ.
Σχετικές αντεγκλήσεις ΚΚΕ - κυβέρνησης εδώ.
Η ηλ. έκδοση της Haaretz, διαψευδοεπιβεβαιώνει την είδηση: φορτίο υπάρχει, φτάνει στο Ισραήλ (Ashdod ) 25 Ιανουαρίου και τέλος Ιανουαρίου δεύτερη δόση, αλλά δε σχετίζεται με την επίθεση στη Γάζα (το δημοσίευμα με ημερομηνία 10/1, προχωρημένη ώρα).
Γερμανικά τα πλοία, μεταδίδει το Reuters.
UPDATE 13/1 Αναδίπλωση: Η μεταφόρτωση δε θα γίνει στον Αστακό, θα βρεθεί άλλος δρόμος, άλλη στιγμή κτλ κτλ (δήλωση του Πενταγώνου - σχετικό δελτίο του Reuters). Καταλαβαίνει κανείς, οτι μετά τη δήλωση αυτή, κάθε λόγος επαγρύπνισης εξακολουθεί να υφίσταται...


Velazquez said...

εγώ αύριο θα είμαι αστακό

ΥΓ.Τσέκαρε τούτο:

Εμενα γιατι μου μυριζει εντονα πολεμος των αστρων;

Μαύρο πρόβατο said...

Λοιπόν, τι έγινε; Και κυρίως: ποιά θα είναι η συνέχεια; Τι σχεδιάζετε να κάνετε;

Velazquez said...

Ε τι εγινε και συ.
Πηγαμε πορεια μεχρι το λιμανι κατεβασαμε τη φανελα της ΕΕ και βαλαμε τη σημαια της παλαιστινης,γραψαμε και 2 συνθηματα και μετα πορεια στον Αστακο οπου στο λιμανι ειχανε ομιλια ο γραμματεας της ΚΝΕ και εκπροσωπος της ΕΔΟΝ.
Τωρα μετα εμεις ως ΑΘηνα φυγαμε αλλα η Βορειοδυτικη Ελλαδα εμεινε εκει...

Για το τι σχεδιαζουμε μαζευουμε υλικο για την Παλαιστινη.Αυτα.

Τα κεφαλια μεσα.Αρχιζει ΤΟ συνεδριο παραλληλα με εξεταστικη...